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Rachel Green Fashion Favourites

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who rejoiced on January 1st 2018 when all 10 seasons of Friends were added to Netflix. I, (of course) began a binge fest which resulted in finishing all 236 episodes in approximately 35 days. This meant I unashamedly watched on average 6 episodes a day for over 4 weeks! Time well spent in my opinion...

During my Friends binge, I recognised all the super cool outfits Jenifer Aniston's character Rachel Green wore throughout the 10 seasons. It was really interesting to see how fashion evolved between 1994-2004 and how many trends have become popular again in recent years. I've found some of my favourite styles that Rachel pulled out over the 10 years and given my opinion.

'The One Where The Monkey Gets Away'

So the first outfit I've chosen is from the episode 'The One Where The Monkey Gets Away'. This outfit is a prime example of fashion trends coming back... This episode aired in 1995 and 23 years later Tartan skirts are back in fashion. Last summer (2017), I bought a Tartan skirt from Pretty Little Thing and loved it! I also love Rachels sporty knee high socks that in this picture completes the outfit.

'The One With Two Parts, Part 2'

This next outfit I've chosen to show you is again an episode from season 1 aired in 1995. I've chosen this look because I love dungarees! I have a black pair which are so cool but super comfy. Watching this episode a few weeks ago and now coming back and writing about the outfit has inspired me to get some blue denim ones for spring!

'The One That Could Have Been, Part 1'

This outfit is from a flashback episode in season 6. I chose this outfit purely because of the faux-fur bright pink coat. I love fur coats and I love block, bright colours. I currently own two fur jackets but they're both very boring in black. I am just obsessed with this hot pink colour but maybe Rachel Green was the only girl that could pull this one off.

'The One Where Ross And Rachel... You Know'

This was such a nice episode from season 2 where Ross and Rachel FINALLY got together. I love her little black skirt paired with the yellow/mustard turtleneck. I also really like Rachels hair in this episode. In general, she just looks super natural with that 'in-love' glow that fully completes her outfit in this episode!

'The One With Joeys Award'

The final outfit I've chosen for this post is an episode that aired in 2001 from season 7 when Rachel attended 'The Soapies' with Joey. Anyone who knows me will know I love Red! Everybody has a colour that they feel most confident in, and for me that's red. I love simple dresses with dainty straps and straight necklines. This outfit is exactly something I would wear/ have worn and is definitely one of my favourites of the 10 seasons!

For anyone reading this who hasn't watched Friends, please, please go do. Its so easy to watch and in my opinion is one of the best series created! When I was in middle school, I used to run home after lessons and watch it on E4 every weekday with my friends. I've enjoyed coming back and rewatching the series almost 8 years on from when I'd originally viewed it.

Playing the 10 seasons back over again enabled me to understand the storylines in a new way and notice different things (like the super cool fashion styles). I also really love the way Monica dresses so maybe one day I will do a similar post based on her outfit choices.

Thank you to everyone whose been reading and giving me nice comments! It means a lot that people are being kind... so thank you!


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