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Prague? Czech!

I am very quickly coming to the end of my third year of university and the stress is real! My friend Elenya and I decided we needed a break from all our hard work... so a break we took! I have seen quite a few people in the past 12 months travel to Prague and it looked amazing so this was our number 1 choice.

Our whole stay was a complete bargain. We booked through Expedia and got a really good price for both the flights, transfers and 3 night stay in a hotel. If you're a '20 going on 70' total loser like me then the good thing about using Expedia is you get hundreds of nectar points which you can then spend again on other trips in the future.

Our hotel was ridiculous, especially for the low price we paid. I compared the hotel on entry to the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2, it was amazing! We stayed at Hotel Don Giovanni just outside of the town centre but right next to a metro station which was a godsend the whole trip.  I'll summarise my top 5 recommendations for anyone travelling to Prague in the future and what I think you need to experience.

Old Town Square

The old town square is so beautiful. We were so lucky that the week we travelled coincided with Easter so there was plenty of Easter markets around which added to the charm of the square. We strolled around the windy back paths for hours. The Old Town Square definitely gave us a broader insight into the Czech culture and a chance to view some stunning buildings.

2. Try a Trdelník

Pretty much everywhere you walk around the centre of Prague you'll see one of these. This is called a trdelník, a warm sugary street food and an absolute must when exploring the city. I bought mine with Nutella and Ice cream and it was, similarly to most things in Prague, quite cheap.

3. Prague Castle

The Prague Castle was so beautiful. The architecture was ridiculous, unlike anything I've ever seen before. I am unsure whether Elenya & I cheated and didn't buy a ticket or if it was free for everyone, either way... I didn't pay a dime to view it. Again, there was a pretty easter market inside which served delicious treats.

4. John Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is an essential to visiting Prague (even if its just for a cool photo). Since his death in the 1980s, people have covered the wall with John Lennon inspired graffiti and Beatles lyrics. Although a lot of the original pieces have now sadly been graffitied  over, there was a few original portraits which were super cool. When we found the wall there was a man singing 'Let It Be' with his guitar which added to the vibe and made the whole experience 10x better.

5. Ride a Tram

This might sound like a silly 'must-do' but I think riding a tram completed my experience in Prague. I think there may be a few tram lines in and around the centre of some UK cities but I personally had never been on one. In Prague you can get a Tram to any location and it was such a quick, easy experience.  I found it so crazy that there was just a tram running (often along the same road as cars) on an electric pantograph. So personally for someone who has never used this way of travelling, riding a tram added to my experience of Prague.

If you've not already read, heres a link to my previous post about my bad experience with Ryanair -

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my trip. If you've been to Prague, let me know what your highlights were?

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