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My Festival Style

Its been almost a month since the Isle of Wight Festival and I'm feeling the festival blues hard. I have an unhealthy obsession with buying new clothes, especially online. My local Hermes delivery driver knows me by name and has an ongoing joke with my mum (I'm too embarrassed to answer the door to him anymore) about my daily deliveries.

The Isle of Wight Festival gave me the perfect excuse to invest in some new outfits. I find it really hard to define my style because it changes a lot and even more so in the past 6 months. I've definitely tried to sway away from my usual style recently and go for a more girly, classy vibe.

Thursday Outfit

My outfit on the Thursday was bought from the online retailer Zaful. I've gotten a few things recently from SheIn and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the clothing. They sell clothes for such a cheap price which made it the perfect place to find a festival outfit. The only negatives I'd say would be the length of time you have to wait for the delivery and the sizing perhaps comes up slightly smaller.

Below is the 2 piece I wore: Bra Two Piece Shorts Tracksuit - White S - £13.99.

Friday Outfit

On Friday I bought a simple pink halter-neck playsuit from Missguided. A couple weeks before the festival I had long blonde extensions put in my hair and I felt like the baby pink colour would look super good together.

Here is the playsuit:

Pink Feather Cami Playsuit - 8 - £19.99

Saturday Outfit

This was the day where everybody was supposed to dress in gold to celebrate 50 years of Isle of Wight Festival. I ordered numerous different things and nothing looked quite right on me. I then found a dress and became obsessed with it! It wasn't gold but it was super sparkly and very 'festival' so I had to buy it.

Here is the dress: Petite Pink Sequin Cami Dress - 6 - £35

Sunday Outfit

Sunday was a bit of a write off for me. I got awfully drunk the night before and woke up in a bit of a hungover state on Sunday so very little effort went into my outfit and I shunned most people who put a camera my way. I wore some black Pretty Little Thing cycle shorts (super comfy & cool), alongside a black zip up jumper from SheIn.

Here are both items:

Bella Black Slinky High Waisted Cycle Shorts - 6 - £12

Striped Panel Zip Neck Sweatshirt - S - £13.99

I was really lucky when buying all my outfits because I have a pretty big student discount on all the sites mentioned so probably didn't pay half as much as most would! I was really happy with all my purchases and was careful to buy stuff that I knew I would wear again (and I have!). xx

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