• Miss Milllie

Invisible Branding: 2020 Advertising Trends

Updated: May 3

I was scrolling through LinkedIn last week when I spotted Coca Cola’s latest campaign ‘Feel It’… as I continued to research, I discovered that this style is known as ‘invisible branding’. This style of advertising is an amazing concept that can only work when a brand’s awareness with consumers is peaked. The adverts will simply contain a brand colour, brand logo or for the elite just words that consumers associate with the brand. Coca Cola’s ‘Feel It’ campaign has been distributed around central Europe with a focus on OOH billboards and bus stops (shown below).

Coca Cola’s years of consistently building it’s extremely iconic branding have earned them the right to create campaigns with very little context but result in very big outcomes. Just simply using their red and white brand colours with a tiny logo and copy, customers have still recognised the classic bottle.

Only a month ago in January 2020, McDonald’s released a similar campaign which in my opinion could only attract the most loyal of McDonald’s customers. The graphics which again focused on OOH, simply had the key ingredients of a McDonald’s meal pulled together with the brand colours. Surprisingly, not a golden arch in sight!

The creators of McDonalds latest campaign, Leo Burnett London explaining the advertising style perfectly stating that, "Only a handful of global brands can communicate like this. The redacted and graphic nature of this latest campaign exudes the confidence McDonald’s and its iconic products deserve.".

These recent campaigns in 2020 truly show the importance of building a consistent brand with your consumers. An interesting point that I’ve recently applied to a multi-media assignment at university. My fellow student Georgia and I have been tasked with building a campaign for a client and the immediate gap in their current advertising was a brand. Before beginning our campaign planning, we discussed the need for a brand identity with our client and have consequently built a brand guide for them to follow in the future.

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