• Miss Milllie

From me to you... Ryan Air

Dear Ryan Air...

This is one of my many appeals for help. I've tried to contact you via email, telephone, Facebook, Twitter and directly through your unhelpful staff within the Prague airport. I was one of the many whose flight got cancelled last night because of the fire at London Stansted.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the cancellations were not your fault however the way you've dealt with it has been disgraceful. Since 8pm last night I have repeatedly called your 'customer service' line but not one single answer. I have repeatedly messaged you on multiple social media platforms but again not one single answer.

You have some silly 'Live Chat' feature on your website which is a joke. I personally got to speak to 'Georgette' on this chat. After a few messages, I realised Georgette was in fact a bot and was only able to tell me that you had no flights for me to get on today, nothing else.

I am currently sat in a dingy airport hotel in Prague with my friend (which I'm hoping you're going to pay for) trying to find some answers. You've well and truly lost a customer in me!

So please Ryan Air, any help and advice you can send my way would be appreciated... I just want to go home :(

Ps. My flight number is FR1375

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