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A Digital Marketing Girl in a Converging Industry...

Updated: May 3

The digital marketing industry is relentlessly expanding, leaving some marketers excited but some fearful of what the future holds for them and their current skill-set. The definition of a digital marketer is changing with a new skill or responsibility being added to that dream job description every day. The current convergence of associated industries, in particular graphic design begs the question… what does a digital marketer ‘gotta’ do?

I can apply my first-hand experience to this subject of converging job roles as I’m in a digital marketing job where my role is constantly changing. Working in the public sector where pressure is high across all departments, increasingly the designated design team have less time to manage reactive projects. This is where I’ve had to skill-up, stand-up and get on with it… well Adobe Spark it.

Digital marketing and graphic design are now inseparable for a very simple reason. “Eyes can listen to what Ears can’t read”… every good message needs a captivating graphic to pull in the target audience and create that vital call to action.

In this evolving industry, scraping by with minimal design knowledge just won’t cut it. A competent understanding and application of designing is now essential if you want to be successful in digital marketing. From the numerous job descriptions, I’ve read through, the most desirable hybrid skill that employers are looking for in this field is experience and know-how with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Since this discovery, I have endeavoured to learn more about graphic design and assign time to educate myself on the various Adobe software despite not particularly enjoying this certain aspect of the role (probably because of my lack of experience). I know my future in digital marketing will not only include graphic design but many other changing responsibilities that the ever-evolving digital landscape offers. To survive in this industry, you must learn to grow and change with it.

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