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My 3 Festival Must-Haves

As I write this blog post, I'm watching the Isle of Wight Festival Greatest Hits that's been shown on Sky Arts this weekend. Looking back over all the years of the festival and some of the big acts that have travelled over to our tiny island has brought back all sorts of nostalgia for me.

The festival is the highlight of my year every year. Never because of the acts (which seemingly get worse every year)... but because of the quality time spent with all my family and friends. Another very important part of the festival every year is the outfit planning, something me and my friends always start the day after the last one has ended. Seeing as we've been unable to attend this year, I think it's probably about time to start planning for next?

I attended my first IOW festival when I was 9 and was one of the lucky ones who got to see Amy Winehouse live, an experience I will definitely always remember. Looking through my archives of 1000's of pictures, I've seen a lot of changes in my style over the years I've been going. Whilst a lot has changed, there have been 3 top features that have remained as my 'festival must-haves'. I'll talk you through them...


As you'll be able to see from the photos below, I felt some jazzy sunglasses were necessary both in 2010 and 2019...

These 2010 glasses were a definite Primark buy, along with that massive flower clip. Similarly, in 2019, my sunglasses were from Primark. I will always love a Primark bargain. However, I was very lucky this year because I managed to 'borrow' these half-moon sunglasses from my friend Livvie. Still not given them back......... whoops. Sorry Liv xx


Ok, so you choose what your essential is in your bumbag... but for us girls it's definitely about glitter and beauty products. You can pack it with your make-up, portable chargers and most importantly your hand gel and tissues! Heading to a portaloo mid-evening without any tissues is a recipe for disaster. Using the festival portaloos is definitely not something I'm missing this year... there's just somethings you can't unsee. For me, hand gel has always been an absolute essential festival item but I think it'll now become an everyday essential due to the dreaded 'C-word'.


I know you can't pick your family but if you could, I'd still pick mine. You can however pick your friends and I'm so lucky to have mine.

Attending the IOW festival is clearly not about seeing your favourite performers anymore. If there's an act you love going then that to me is just an added bonus. For me, the festival is all about spending real quality time with all your friends and family and sometimes catching up with people who you've not even seen since the year before. Fun, family and friends for me are the ultimate festival must-have and I'm very lucky to have that every year.

The IOW festival has always been a special place for me, but it has become even more important since meeting my boyfriend there last year. Whilst I am extremely sad to have not been there this weekend as normal, it has now given me some time to reflect on my 8 IOW festival experiences. Let the countdown to next year begin...

Miss Millie x

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